testinaThe team that recently was managing ‘La Presa’ in Via Fantoni moved in Via Abbadesse, near the headquarter of the Lombardy Region: a great location for a restaurant who speacks the Milanese DOC. It changed its name (now called ‘Testina’, that means ‘little head’, evoking the typical Milanese dish of meat, but also the curious expression of the Milanese dialect…), but not the atmosphere, with pictures of the old Milan on the walls. The menu is a Milanese riot: mondeghili, ‘rustin negàa’ with yellow risotto, ‘ossobuco in gremolada’. Do not miss the ‘casoeula (Thursday and Sunday lunch), mixed boiled, ‘busecca’ ( typical Milanese preparation that involves the use of mixed tripe, tomatoes and beans) on Wednesday evening and the fried salt cod (of course…) on Friday!

Via Abbadesse, 19 Milano