Santa Maria della Passione


At the corner between Via Conservatorio and Via Bellini, right next to the Conservatory of Music Giuseppe Verdi, we can find the sixteenth-century Basilica of Santa Maria della Passione. The two buildings are connected by a passion in common: music. Inside the Basilica you can find tow beautiful ancient pianos which music will take you during all your visit. Nearly fifty meters high, the dome stands in the center of the Basilica, showing in all its beauty. To enjoy best this vision just stand at the corner of Via Visconti and Via Passione. The first impact when you look at this church comes from the latest Baroque entrance, designed and built in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century. After a look at the outside, you can immerse yourselves into the monumental Basilica. The extraordinary frescoes and paintings let you think Santa Maria della Passione is like a big art gallery. Impressive and beautiful, this Basilica is just waiting to be discovered again by some curious.