At the doors of the medieval Milan, on an obligatory point of passage on the way that used to lead to Milan from the Lomellina, you can still find a little gem named after the saint protector of the foreigners and the travellers, the giant Saint Christopher, right on the side between San Cristoforo Street and Alzaia Naviglio Grande. We are dealing with a complex composed of two churches: an antique oratory of the XII century and the so­called Cappella Ducale that took the place of a foreigner’s hospital of the XIV century. This latter one was erected by Gian Galeazzo Visconti after the elimination of the plague in Milan. It is said that it had been Saint Christopher, also protector of the infected, to fight and win against the plague.

San_CristoforoThe Church is also dedicated to John the Baptist, Giacomo and the blessed Cristina, Saint protectors of the Visconti family. In fact as you see the Church from the outside, on the left, you will notice the family emblem with the big snake near to the emblem of the Common, and the one of Pope Alexander V. The building suffered many modifications, one of these was the knocking down of the wall that used to separate them in the XVI century, that brought the church to be as we know it now. This perl conserves marvel frescos, still well preserved despite all the centuries. Between al the stories that are told, there is also one of Ludovico il Moro, that decided to meet his future wife Beatrice d’Este in Saint Christopher’s Church. As usual, also this place is much more of what we can tell with words. While strolling on the Navigli, maybe you should walk a little more, till you arrive at the doors of the ancient Milan, in a passage place beloved by the Milanese. The perfect place where to stop and think about the word ‘journey’.