Known as a destination for shopping and entertainment, via Torino hides hidden treasures for those who really want to know Milan.

colonneAlong the entire length of the road it is possible to admire some real Milanese art jewelry. You can starts with Santa Maria at San Satiro in which Bramante is the master and then move to the civic temple of San Sebastian. After throwing ourselves down via Lupetta, whose history is very special, a short detour of a few meters leads us to admire St. Alexander, while the narrow streets take us in a few minutes down via Torino and give us the opportunity to discover unknown courtyards. San Giorgio to the Palace and the history of the Edict of Constantine and the tower of the Carrobbio close the path of the shopping street, but opens our view to the nearby area of Porta Ticinese (medieval district). To admire it closely we have to speak in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, with its columns, reminding us how history can be found in a few hundred meters.

The route described here can be done in two or three hours, pausing even within the churches to admire the works present and, above all, to relive the history of this place, so dear to the Milanese who came before us.
A real dive into history and art that will allow you to appreciate the many hidden treasures of Milan

2 hours. €150,00/ max 6 person. Tour guide available in english, français, español